Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week Seven -- yay!

Yesterday started week seven on the chemo journey, and all is looking good. My blood test results came back fairly good, with most of the "misses" being fractionally outside of the normal range. My doc is pretty satisfied with where I am.

Feeling pretty good about everything, I asked the big question: is there a chance that I'll continue to do fairly well over the next three rounds? She seems to think so. I'm not considering it a guarantee, but it does give me some hope. Maybe I'll get the hang of this routine.

Yesterday's chemo infusion was number three of six, had good chats with the infusion nurse and the nurse navigator, who always stops by to say hello and check in. Looking to prevent a redux of the icky feeling a few days after the last round, I asked the infusion nurse about the protocol for taking the anti-nausea drugs I was prescribed after the first round of chemo. There are two -- zofran, which is the preventative they give me in a drip before dosing me with the chemo; and compazine, which nails any sudden nausea. At least that's what they told me. She recommended taking the zofran right up, and if I need it, add the compazine.

I woke up kind of queasy this morning, so I started the zofran. My gut is still a little "different" but I've been able to eat just fine, with no nausea. I'll keep taking it for a day or two, see what happens. If I can avoid feeling totally crappy later in the week, I'll be happy.

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