Friday, September 11, 2015

Surprisingly good

It's getting close to the end of week five of chemo (13 to go, yay!), and I'm feeling surprisingly good. I've got the sniffles and a little bit of a sore throat, which are the expected byproducts of a reduced blood cell count, and the lower intestines are being a bit fussy (no more need be said), but other than that, I'm feeling decent. Appetite is good and I've been able to eat pretty much what I want (Taylor ham, egg and cheese burrito!), though I'm still avoiding red meat that may taste metallic. I've got good energy.

Somewhere between seven and 14 days after each treatment, my immune defenses take a hit, and if my temperature goes above 100.2, I need to call the doc for evaluation and a possible shot of something called neulasta to boost white cell production. I've been taking my temperature several times a day during this week, as I did during week 2 of the last cycle. Where I saw some elevation (never above 100) last time, this cycle has been near normal every time.

I'm really beginning to wonder if they gave me everything I was supposed to get this last time around.

Regardless, I'm not taking anything for granted and am appreciating feeling decent.

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