Monday, December 14, 2015

WEEK 19!!!!!!

Today was the start of week 19.

Translation: today was officially the start of my post-chemo life. Since August 10, I've been getting filled up with chemical mishigas every 21 days. No more. Well, I am still getting the Herceptin every three weeks, but that's a biological agent with very little chance of side effect.

I was so chipper at the doc's office, joked around with everyone (but left my beard at home) and spent just 30 minutes in the infusion chair, getting my Herceptin. The doc asked if I'm feeling better emotionally, too. Uh, yeah. Definitely. Even though I've been able to stay out of the really dark places for the most part, it is such a relief to be through the chemo, and I feel lighter as a result.

AND I met with the radiation oncologist. Had to go to the hospital for that. I'll be headed back there next Tuesday for a CAT scan so they can determine a plan of attack for the radiation. Then there will be a lag time of two weeks or so as they put the plan together, so I'm almost sure not to start the radiation till after the holidays. Looks as if it will be 33 sessions - six and a half weeks, Monday through Friday. Oh, joy.


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